Hello ....This is the world-wide authorized and
-- only one

Ferrari MODEL CLUB founded 1974
QUO vadis Ferrari?
approved by signed contract in 1994
of his club founder with Dominique J. F. Lahuec -

since 1994 headquarters at: D-80639 München, Germany

e-mail:  ferrari-model-club@t-online.de

Homepages and socalled clubs with the same name
have nothing to do with us - We are the real FMC founded in 1974
- Those others are deliberately wrong directed, wrong informed, or dishonest human beings
w/o any juridical permission through the real Ferrari MODEL CLUB -

C O N T E N T:

1.  Ferrari Formula 1  7.  News on and from Ferrari
2.  History of the Ferrari MODEL CLUB  8.  S P E C I A L News
3.  The F M C  M a g a z i n e 9. Ferrari's 50th celebration / plus~ calendar
4.  FMC's Annual Meets
10. our links
5.  press clippings 11. Ferrari LITERATURE
6.  visitors' / countries' statistics 12. scale models
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