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Season 2003 - F1 World Championship:

Ferrari and Michael Schumacher (his 6th title !!!)

L. Badoer, R. Barrichello, J. Todt, M. Schumacher and his wife

are again World Champions !!!
Congratulation also to
Rubens Barrichello, Jean Todt and Luca di Montezemolo

GP of Japan drivers' championship constructors'
Rubens Barrichello +10 Michael Schumacher 93 Scuderia Ferrari 158
Kimi Räikkönen +8 Kimi Räikkönen 91 BMW Williams 144
David Coulthard +6 Juan-Pablo Montoya 82 McLaren Mercedes 142
Jenson Button +5 Rubens Barrichello 65 Renault 88
Jarno Trulli +4 Ralf Schumacher 58 BAR-Honda 26
Takuma Sato +3 Fernando Alonso 55 Sauber 19
Cristiano da Matta +2 David Coulthard 51 Jaguar 18
Michael Schumacher +1 Jarno Trulli 33 Toyota 16

Festa in Maranello
Festa in Maranello: Champions' cake with Jean Todt, Paolo Martinelli, Ross Brawn and the team of Gestione Sportiva

The Team Gestione Sportiva
Heartful greetings from Maranello from the Japanese GP
only for the Ferrari MODEL CLUB

happy Rubens Barrichello    reliefed Jean Todt

the glory Four    Barrichello, Brawn, Todt, Schumacher
Japan GP: Lucky Winners: - Rubens Barrichello, Ross Brawn, Jean Todt, Michael Schumacher

Michael the high jumper
Heartful greetings from Maranello from the US GP
only for the Ferrari MODEL CLUB

Ferrari F2003-GA and the winners
USA GP:  F2003-GA and the three winners

Shummy is happy    Shummy and a bored Räikkönen
USA GP:    Shummy is very happy   -  Shummy with trophy - beside a bored Räikkönen

the winners on the podium
Heartful greetings from Maranello from the Italian GP
only for the Ferrari MODEL CLUB

Jean Todt + di Montezemolo    Shummy + Rubinho
Italian GP:   The two Masters: Jean Todt and Luca di Montezemolo   -  M. Schumacher and R. Barrichello on the podium

Shummy at pitstop    Rubens Barrichello
Hungarian GP:   M. Schumacher at his pit stop      -     R. Barrichello on the race track

unlucky Barrichello
Rubens Barrichello and the reason for being out of the race

Shakedown at the Fiorano circuit – 14th August 2003
Circuit: Fiorano track, 2.976 km – short course 1.413 km
Driver: Luca Badoer       Car: F2003-GA
Weather: air temp. 32/36°C, track temp. 44/58°C, sunny
Today at Fiorano, Luca Badoer shook down the three cars which will be used
in the forthcoming Hungarian Grand Prix, scheduled to take place at the
Hungaroring on Sunday 24th August.
Badoer completed around 35 kilometres.

Shummy - into Box    Barrichello in Cockpit
German GP:   M. Schumacher being pushed in the box   -   R. Barrichello wating for his turn

Shakedown at the Fiorano circuit – 29th July 2003
Circuit: Fiorano track, 2.976 km – short course 1.413 km
Driver: Luca Badoer       Car: F2003-GA
Weather: air temperature 23/27°C, track temperature 33/45 °C.
A bit cloudy with sunshine.
Today at Fiorano, Luca Badoer carried out a shakedown of the three F2003-GA
which Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro will have at its disposal for the forthcoming
German Grand Prix, which takes place at Hockenheim on Sunday 3rd August.
Badoer completed 17 laps, three of them on the short version of the track. He
also did a few practice starts. The best lap time on the day was a 58”141.

Shummy at pit stop    Rubinho the Winner
Great Britain GP:   M. Schumacher at his pit stop...   -   R. Barrichello the WINNER

Silverstone - Comments on Saturday's Qualifying

Jean Todt: Seeing Rubens Barrichello topping the time sheet here at Silverstone
is very gratifying. Michael ran wide off the track, which in the end prevented
him from fighting for a front row position, but nevertheless fifth place is a
good position from which to start the race.

Rubens Barrichello: I was in agony waiting for the session to end! Yesterday,
I made a mistake and also we had tried something completely different in terms
of set-up which did not work. So today, we knew we had to work in a different
direction. I am very happy with the car.

Michael Schumacher: Naturally, I am a bit disappointed with today’s qualifying.
I made a mistake, slid and ran wide at Abbey and of course, driving on grass is
not very good for traction!

Silverstone - Comments on Friday's Training

Jean Todt: “It was an encouraging qualifying for Ferrari. We set the
quickest time with Michael Schumacher, while Rubens Barrichello was running at
a similar pace to his team-mate until he ran wide and got stuck in the gravel
in the final sector, when the track was a bit damp. It is always great to see
a Ferrari ahead of the rest and Rubens’ inconvenient incident should not
prejudice his chances of doing well.

Michael Schumacher: “I am reasonably happy and this was a good day for us.
I am notsurprised, as we had a successful test session here a few weeks ago.
Today’s performance is also the result of all the hard work the team did last
week in getting new parts tested and ready for this weekend.

Rubens Barrichello: “I am very disappointed with what happened. I could
have been first or second, which would have seen me running at the end of
tomorrow’s session. However and hopefully, given the changeable weather, today’s
result might turn out to be an advantage tomorrow!

Rubinho at pit stop    Shummi with Ralf
France GP:   Barrichello at his pit stop...      -      Michael Schumacher with trophy for 3rd place

Rubinho und Shummi    Rubinho with Ralf + Montoya
Europe GP:   Barrichello and Schumacher on the track...    -    Barrichello happy with 3rd place

Shummy the winner
Heartful greetings from Maranello from the Canadian GP
only for the Ferrari MODEL CLUB

Rubinho at pit stop    Shummy between Ralf + Montoya
Kanada GP:   Barrichello at pit stop...   -   Winner M. Schumacher between Ralf and Montoya

Jean Todt the Fighter
Jean Todt the ideal Fighter prolongated his contract until 2006

Rubinho    Schumi with Montoya
Monaco GP:   Barrichello at work...      -      Michael Schumacher is a sympathetic looser

frightening moment for Shummy
Heartful greetings from Maranello from the Austrian GP
only for the Ferrari MODEL CLUB

Rubinho in the mountains    Schumi is qutite happy
Austria GP:   Barrichello in the mountains...      -      Michael Schumacher is quite happy

Shummi and Rubinho    happy winners
GP of Spain:   Schumacher and Barrichello ...      -      this time many happy winners

Shummy and Rubinho releaf
Heartful greetings from Maranello from the San Marino GP at Imola
only for the Ferrari MODEL CLUB

Rubinho at the Box    Shummi as silent winner
GP of San Marino:   Barrichello at the box ...      -      Schumacher as silent winner

Start of the Race    Barrichello in the lead
Brazilian GP:   Start of the Race...      -      Barrichello leads until 46th round

Barrichello 2nd in Malaysia    Podium at Malaysia GP
Malaysia GP:   arriving for 2nd place ...      -      podium with Barrichello

Start at Austr. GP    Schumi at the pit - Austr. GP
Australia GP:   Start ...      -      Schumi at the pit

The new Ferrari F1 F2003-GA
(GA = in memoriam Gianni Agnelli!)
has been presented to the World Press at Maranello on February 7.

Ferrari F1 F2003-GA    Massa, Barrichello, Schumacher, Badoer

Ferrari F1 F2003-Gianni Agnelli   Motore tipo 052

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