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Auto Becker and our FMC member of Honour
CEO Mr. Helmut Becker
has organized "open house" at Düsseldorf

on Sunday, December 5

The new F360 modena Challenge 2000
could not yet be presented to the visitors!!!

New Ferrari Model:
Ferrari 360modena challenge

pictures taken at the Nürburgring by FMC member Herbert Stuppy

Ferrari Racing Days
organized by Ferrari Deutschland GmbH
For the 4th time the Ferrari Racing Days have taken place at
the Nürburgring
from July 2 to 4, 1999

A Racing and Showprogram all over Ferrari
had fulfilled all fanciest ideas of a Ferrari fanatic.


The absolutely Highlight was
the Ferrari demonstration conducted by Michael Schumacher
on Sunday afternoon.

Attention    W o r l d  I n a u g u r a t i o n !!!
see higher under: "New Ferrari Model"  (click on)

The   Ferrari MODEL CLUB
had a deposit of yellow flyers at Ferrari Deutschland's Ferrari-tent
with printed information on us.

Ferrari-Fans could get it there at no cost!

The Oldtimer Fair Innsbruck (Austria)
held from Friday, May 7 to Sunday, May 9, 1999
had the following Ferrari on display:

365GT 2+2 red, #11445 328GTS, conversion red, #56675
3,2 Mondial t red, #88121 348tb red, #89339
512TR yellow, #97361 F355 red, #not known

You hardly will find these data elsewhere!
- FMC-Members are very active regarding Ferrari News - That is our strong point! -

Jean Todt

... visited Thailand
On his way to Australia for the first F1 GP of the 1999 season Jean Todt
the Ferrari F1 team manager visited Thailand on the occasion of a stopover.
At his destination he cut a cake made in the shape of F1 Ferrari 412T2
and parted it with his friends.

This exclusive report you could only find in the
edition 3/1999 of the Ferrari MODEL CLUB Magazine.

Ferrari S.p.A. showed the new model

at the Geneva Auto Show.
Equipped with a 3,600 cc engine, 400 Hp, V8, 5 valves per cylinder,
6 running gears, or F1-gear drive.
It will be a good mixture made out of 456M/GT and F355 Spider.

Eddie Irvine

... visited Germany
On Saturday March 13, 1999
Eddie Irvine visited Hamburg for his sponsor VALLEVERDE.
He signed autographs, and gave interviews
during his one hour stay in the afternoon.
You could find more information on this visit
in edition 3/1999 of the Ferrari MODEL CLUB Magazine.

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